An Accidental Fashionista: How To Nail Trends In 24 Hours


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Okay, so if you follow me on Instagram, you know that I like to dress up. It’s a bit of a guilty pleasure. Getting up in the morning, and spending five minutes reveling in the company of beautiful clothes. With that said, and while I enjoy it, fashion is no picnic.

In fact, it can be a daunting part of your everyday. Which is why, as a decided novice, I have developed a fail-safe cheat-sheet. I can now spend less than a day or two, and adorn the garb of an overnight fashionista. And no, it doesn’t entail reading Vogue’s latest issue from cover to cover. Although, I do that sometimes. Usually at the doctor’s office; they subscribe to it after all.

But, over the years, and many faux pas later, I have developed a system. And, it works like a charm. Every. Single. Time.


Step 1: Find An Oracle; Audrey Coyne  

Most of us are not style-whisperers. But, some of us are exactly that. So really, the road to good-style starts when you find one of these miraculous creatures. It could be a friend or family member, or you could turn towards social media.

My always reliable, immaculately dressed queen is Audrey Coyne.

In a world of oversweet tweens, she is the voice of mature fashion sense. And most helpfully, she makes the best ‘season’s trends’ videos. Breaking down the industry’s newest obsessions. They are my favourite part of each season.


Step 2: Find A Brand With (Your) Personality; Cuyana

If you look closely, all brands speak to a particular kind of customer. Their aesthetic is essentially their voice. Is it preppy, is it edgy, is it conservative…You get the point. And in your heart of hearts, you’ll know what aesthetic speaks to you.

That brand, is your brand.

For instance, I like the classics. The longer they have been around, the more they resonate with me. So, Cuyana’s minimalist aesthetic, that relies on textiles rather than embellishments, really appeals to me.


Now, within these parameters there is of course room to play. Yes, Chanel’s classic silhouettes really resonate with you. But, you cannot see yourself spending your retirement fund on socks.

But, the merchandise is not the only thing you take from a brand. Look instead at the way they style their shoots, the colour palette, and the overall vibe. You can find a way to emanate that essence, even without the brand’s insignia.


Step 3: Find An Obsession; Pistachio  

Everyone has a signature. Something that becomes an extension of sorts. It could be a cut, a colour, or even a shade of lipstick. But I find, that rather than trying to fit every kind of aesthetic into your wardrobe, you should pick a favourite.

How do you know what this should be? Simple; you have to fall in love with it. To an obsessive degree.

pistachio accessories
For example, in the Audrey Coyne video linked above she spoke about Pistachio green. A colour that had graced the Fall 2019 shows. And right when I saw it, I knew I had fallen for it. Since then, I have not only included the colour in my wardrobe; I practically covet it.


Step 4: Hunt Down The Prize

I’ve seen so many people purchase everything that a store is offering. In a bid to look current, or fashion savvy. I can empathise; there was a time when I thought that the only way to induce style envy was by wearing all the latest designs/trends.

But, perhaps as a result of my Project 333 journey, I realise that this is essentially self-sabotage. Firstly, you’re investing too much of your hard earned money into something that is a temporary fling. Secondly, you’re not giving your choices the time that they deserve.

Rather than hunting for a great bargain, lookout for something that you’ll cherish. If you have to spend money, spend a little time before hand. Do your research, so that you won’t regret your purchase later.

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