How To Keto A Classic; A Rendezvous With My favourite Nigella Dessert


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Sugar has been the bane of my newfound obsession with all things Keto. It really is public enemy number one, for low-carb aficionados. And I can’t help but glance at the nutritional label anymore; it has become a habit.

With that said, perhaps one of the most profound joys of my life is the one and only Nigella Lawson.

Now, she doesn’t need an introduction. But, when delving into all things Nigella, a few words come to mind. Domestic goddess bar none, this culinary whisperer is my cure for the common cold. Simple, uncomplicated, and a firm believer in treating oneself, Nigella is my queen.

However, she is also a bit of a dessert fiend. I mean, she is most noted for a book dedicated to baking. Interestingly, I was never a fan of baking, until I embarked on the Keto route. I blame this on a childhood spent in Hyderabad, Pakistan. Also known as, the place where the coveted Bombay Bakery Coffee Cake lives.

A Keto Convert

But, since my foray into low-carb yum, I have had to re-evaluate my favourite desserts. Because, coveted though they may be, they are also laden with insulin spiking sugar.

So, in a bid to get creative, I decided that I’d give a Nigella classic a Keto makeover. If you have not watched this culinary gem whip up a Pavlova, you’re seriously missing out.


Now that your mind is whizzing with dreams of molten chocolate and raspberries, let’s take out the sugar. And don’t worry. My version doesn’t come with Nigella’s evocative vocabulary. But, it’s still pretty yum.

My method was essentially identical to hers. Hence this is not a recipe post. But, I just made some key replacements.


My Replacements Of Choice

Sugar replaced with Swerve Confectioners

Made from erythritol, Swerve is hands down the best sugar replacement I’ve ever tried. It doesn’t have the bitter aftertaste that other sweeteners have. And, the finely ground, confectioners variety also whips up beautifully with the egg whites.


Heavy cream replaced with coconut cream

Now, this one is not a necessity for everyone. Personally, I’ve had really bad reactions to heavy cream. Like my-face-exploded-with-acne reactions. Hence, I always go for coconut cream instead. Plus, you can use a handheld whisk and whip it lightly to get a similar consistency to whipped cream.


Raspberries with strawberries

Again, personal preference. I also put a tiny bit of lemon juice in with the strawberries to enhance the tang.

The result was delightful. Definitely still retaining its Nigella comfort-cooking charm. Just, without the net carbs.

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