An Accidental Fashionista: My Favourite Spring Summer 2020 Fashion Trends


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So, two months into the year, I’ve finally narrowed down my picks from the 2020 fashion trends. Admittedly, this list should have been published earlier. The reason it wasn’t, is that I didn’t want to give you a forecast of sorts. I have read far too many ‘this will be the top fashion trends for the year’ type listicles. Only to be disappointed. Fashion, like all things touched by human activity, is a fluid business. Trends come, and go. It’s difficult to predict what will be in style three weeks from now; let alone three months. 

With that said, when you rely on capsule wardrobes; you have to plan. As you guys know, I’ve kind of fallen for the whole ‘project 333’ lifestyle. And yes, even during my time in Pakistan, it has been something that I’m pretty diligent about. 

And so, come the new decade, I did have to narrow some things down. In lieu of which, I dove into the 2020 fashion trends pile, and scooped out my favourites. 


Back To The Drawing Board 

So, with the global fashion scene becoming more conscious, trends are also becoming cyclical. Thankfully, I should add. Because you see, blowing your savings account on a plethora of disposable fashion doesn’t sound fun. At all. 

Also, not starting the year with a shopping spree is always liberating. Not that I don’t have a wish-list of sorts for the year (keep reading to find out more about this). But, once you talk yourself out of the ‘need’ to spend, you can think holistically. About the 2020 fashion trends themselves, and your existing wardrobe. 

So that’s what I did. I looked over the touted trends, decided what I’d like to incorporate, and came out with a list of favourites. These are my top picks for Spring-Summer 2020. And, I wouldn’t be surprised if they stay with me for the whole year. 


  1. Classic Blue 

Okay, so realistically blue never went out of style. But interestingly, classic blue is making a prominent statement this year. In no small part to Pantone announcing that it would be their colour of the year.

Pantone Colour of The Year 2020

Given the turbulent tone of the last decade, Pantone was hoping that this ‘reassuring’ hue would be a welcome change. 

It is reminiscent of calm waters and classic denim. It is also, certainly, something that I’ve loved, and will continue to love in 2020. 


  1. Red 

Again; red never really went out of style. And yet again, what seems to be in the cards for 2020 fashion trends is a specific shade of red.

Traffic-stopping, scene-stealing, flame-throwing scarlet. It is red, hot and right up my street. 


  1. Soft Leather 

‘Buttery’ is the word that has been used to describe the finish we’re looking for. And I don’t know about you, but I love clothes that look good enough to eat! 

I’ve also been seeing a lot of colour as far as the leather and faux-leather trend is concerned. It is a fun, and dare I say, rather yummy take on a classic. And, I’m kind of here for it. 


  1. Lingerie Inspired 

Okay, so this one can have the negative publicity of being an acquired taste. And I can see why; bra-lets and corsets are not everyone’s cup of tea. They certainly don’t tickle my fancy. 

But, having done my research (because of course) I think the key takeaways for the trend are quite versatile. The point is to add a luxe quality to your everyday; exhibitionism optional. So, think lace, sheer fabrics and flowing cuts. All things that are wearable and not necessarily risque. 

And, the inherent romance can go really well with…


  1. Bohemian Touches 

Billowy sleeves and ruffles; basically my jam. These will work particularly well when paired with those light, even sheer fabrics. I’ve also been noticing a nod towards embroidered details, which always works so well with looser cuts. 


  1. Tailored 

The call of the hour is ladylike-suiting. Which is the newest take on the marriage between masculine and feminine fashion. This year’s picks have my heart because they brought back a blast from my past; vests

Oh how I loved a pinstriped west as a teenager! In fact, I found some old pictures of me, from nearly a decade ago and…LOOK! 

Rocking A Vest; Nearly A Decade Ago!

We’re literally coming full circle. 


2020 Fashion Trends And Beyond: My Wish List 

Okay my people; let’s get to the really fun stuff. I’ve been known to plan; list down things even if all I’m doing is cleaning my room. So, when it comes to adding to my wardrobe; I obsess. Unapologetically. 

These then, are the vestiges of my recent obsessions. Some of them follow the trends. Some of them follow last year’s trends. All of them, I covet like moth covets a flame. 


Meraki: Paras Flats 

No this isn’t sponsored. Yes, I am in love. I mean, the pistachio green mania never left me. Plus these babies are adorned by Gota embroidery; what’s not to love? Plus, I had a hand in naming them; so these babies really are MY babies! Shop here.


Vetta: Blazer Dress 

It’s a dress, a blazer AND a vest. My thrifty, conscious-consumer self is smitten! Shop here.


Cuyana: Tall Structured Tote in Deep Oceans 

Okay, so I’ve been obsessed with these guys for some time now. And this particular shade of serenity has been calling my name. Shop here.


Cuyana: Silk Balloon Sleeve Blouse in Nude 

Oh the pastel, puffed-sleeve gem! I almost can’t look, it’s THAT beautiful. Shop here.


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