Quarantine Mother’s Day Gifts: Online Shopping Options For Mom


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Okay, so I’m not sure what your quarantine Mother’s Day plans are, but I’m guessing they’re rather sedentary. Some of us are really fortunate, to actually be in the same vicinity as our moms. Others, unfortunately, do not have that luxury. Regardless, any day that honours the women who gave birth to, and put up with, our histrionics must be celebrated. Social-distancing rules, of course, in tow.  

Simultaneously, as you can tell from my Instagram feed, I’ve been rather preoccupied with some budding small-businesses of late. And I thought, why not combine the two. So that we can celebrate our moms, and support creative endeavours, all at once. 


Mother’s Day Gifts; Quarantine Edition 

Hence, this list. My recommended quarantine Mother’s Day gifts are representatives of brands that I’m enamoured by. Tiny ventures with big plans, and a great selection of Mother’s Day deals.

Happy Mother's Day

Whether you have the comfort of your mom’s company today, or are celebrating virtually, I hope you’ll find something here. Something atypical, and encouraging, that encapsulates how much mom has put up with over the years. 


Pink Hibiscus: Ethical, Handmade Skincare 

Kicking things off with the brand that inspired this list. If you’re a budding entrepreneur, you’ll love this conversation that I had with Natalie Kessell. Among other things, we discussed everything that went into launching her hand-made skincare brand, Pink Hibiscus. A blooming array of simple, and simply effective, and ethical products, that will offer mom some much needed pampering. I’d place my bets on the Nurture Your Skin Ritual, because it’ll start mom off on the right foot. 

Pink Hibiscus Nurture Your Skin Ritual Set

Plus, their skincare gift-packs are currently on sale. So, you’ll get mom the perfect Mother’s Day gifts, on a budget. Yes, your wish did in fact, come true. 


Fateel: Healthy, Home-Style Treats 

I was approached by this Canadian brand recently, and can I just say; I’m in love! Now, their products are not Keto. It’s difficult to adhere to the Keto metrics, when you’re focusing on fruit. But, they are health-conscious. Created using wholesome ingredients, and Mediterranean inspired family recipes. 

I am currently hosting a giveaway with them, but I also think that there are some great Mother’s Day options on their roster. Whether you opt for their chai mixes, fruit-bars, or good old fashioned dried fruits; you can’t really go wrong. Although I have to say, the Plain Date Cookies are rather special. 

Fateel Plain Date Cookies

Plus, their brand kicked off because of a beautiful story, about friendship and date-cookies. Personally, this is a small venture that I hope accomplishes some big things. 


Heart Therapeutics: Holistic, Herbal Teas 

On a scale of one to obsessed, I’m a definite tea-lover. There is a lot of hoopla about the health benefits of teas. I’m not sure how much of it you buy into. But, I will say that there are few things as instantly calming as a great blend, and a great book. 

Heart Therapeutics has a rather impressive roster of organic tea blends, packaged sustainably in these gorgeous jars. I love edible (or drinkable) gifts, especially when the package is this pretty. Personally, that Cleopatra blend is calling out to me. 

Heart Therapeutics Cleopatra Tea Blend

Plus, they’re offering free shipping for international orders over $120 (AUD). 


Pure Lovin Chocolate: Specialty, Vegan Chocolates 

Okay, I’ve saved the most adorable for last. Spearheaded by a mother daughter duo, this business was actually born because of Mother’s Day. Once upon a time, daughter Leah decided that vegan chocolates could be great Mother’s Day gifts. Upon trying the ensuing truffles, mom Cyndy agreed. And so, Pure Lovin Chocolate was born! 

Currently on their roster, are vegan chocolates of all shapes (literally) sizes and varieties. Their beautifully packaged Six Piece Assorted Chocolate box would make a lovely gift. 

Pure Lovin Chocolate 6 Pc Assorted Box

Also, they’re offering free shipping in Canada for orders over $99 (CAD).  


Quarantine Mother’s Day: A Happy Ending 

During this time, many of us have been forced to consider small victories. I’d say that a quarantine Mother’s Day, where mom is pampered, even a little bit, is a win. A tiny win, but you know what? I’ll take it.  

Happy Mother’s Day everyone. And an even happier quarantine Mother’s Day!

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