5 Pinks Required: Skincare, Self-Care And Sisterhood


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Okay, so I need respite. The headlines are (predictably) not helping me. I predict that they haven’t been helping you either. So, I’ll be offering you less than a thousand words of playful bliss. And since everything looks better in pink, let’s settle on my favourite colour. 

Here are some things that have been offering me inspiration, solace and happiness. The five Pinks that are helping me help myself. I hope they help you too. 


  1. Pink Hibiscus: Eco-Aware Skincare 

Let’s kick things off with some unabashed self-care. Around two weeks ago, I announced that I had gotten my hands on some of their products. I was already a fan of their ethos, but after using their products, I am obsessed! 

I have been using their facial cleanser, moisturiser, and clear quartz facial mist. I have really, really acne prone skin. And was really apprehensive, as I have never used all natural skincare before. But, I was very pleasantly surprised to see the results. My skin was much more hydrated, and radiant just a week later. Be sure to check them out here


  1. Pinky Gul: A Sanctuary 

This one is a more recent discovery, and obsession. Believe it or not, but somewhere in the heart of Karachi, a sanctuary does in fact reside. A safe space for dreamers, I think is the way I’d describe it. Simultaneously, they also blog, host a podcast, and create content to offer all of us some much needed inspiration. 

Pinky Gul

Follow them on instagram, and be sure to show them some love! 


  1. The Pink Ladoo Project: Celebrate The Girl Child 

I have been following them for years now, ever since I first wrote about them in fact. They started off as an initiative to encourage South Asian communities to celebrate the girl child. With pink ladoos, of course. 

The Pink Ladoo Project

They have since expanded to a movement, and even published a book in the process. Be sure to support them, here.


  1. Pink Pistachio: Baked Goodness 

Now, I have been trying, really I have, to be good. But, like I said, sometimes only escapism will do. And can all of us take a minute to celebrate the fact that this deliciousness does in fact exist? 

Pink Pistachio

It just doesn’t exist close enough for me to get my greedy little hands on it. So, I must relinquish this task to you. Find them here, place your orders, and eat in my stead. And don’t forget to have an extra piece. Remember, you’re eating for me as well. 


  1. The Pink Tree Company: Artisan Made 

I have done an entire post on block print, and my love affair with the craft. Along with some Pakistani leading ladies, who frankly, give me life. And if you want to further support the craft, and the artisans practicing it, be sure to check out this brand. The Pink Tree Company is one of the prominent Pakistani labels supporting artisan communities. 

The Pink Tree Project

Plus, I sometimes like to drool over their designs. Don’t judge me. 


Pretty Powerful In Pink… 

A cursory glance across this site will cement my love for the oft-ridiculed colour. And regardless of what you associate it with, I think all of us can accept its euphoric properties. That’s right; euphoric. That’s what Pink means to me. It is also what I need right now.

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