Top Fall 2020 Fashion Trends; Colour Palettes, Nostalgia In Vogue and Comfort Chic


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Can you believe that the leaves are already turning? Or rather, they’re just about to. 2020 has been a year like no other, and Fall 2020 probably won’t be an exception to this. Still, as you guys know, I do like to indulge in a little frivolity. Especially when it’s cold outside. So, for today, let’s indulge in the top Fall 2020 fashion trends. 

Overall, I’d say that I’m pretty excited about whatever I’ve been seeing. There is a ton of choice, as fashion trends of every ilk sashayed down the unconventional runways. Much of whatever was in vogue was fuelled by nostalgia, and some of it was rather risque. I shall be focusing on wearability, and staying power. I never see the point of buying something that I’ll only be wearing for five minutes. 

Luckily, because the fashion trends have been quite diverse this time around, I had a bunch of favourites. This isn’t everything that’s in style, of course. Rather these are my top picks. That being said, trust me, you’ll see why. 

Throwbacks In Vogue 

Nostalgia is always kind of in style. But given the uneven landscape of 2020, I can see why it’s particularly big this Fall. Fashion, like most art, adores escapism when the world doesn’t make sense anymore. And nothing comforts quite like memories of simpler times, gone by. Thus, Fall 2020 fashion trends borrow from not one, but three decades. 

1970s; A Subtler Disco Vibe 

Usually, the 70s make their presence known. But this year has already been marred by drama. Thus, I’ll forgive one of the most dramatic decades for arriving with fewer bells and whistles. For Fall 2020 fashion trends, think wearable 1970s panache. More about the cuts, silhouettes and details.  

Focus On: High Necks and turtlenecks 

What’s great about this one, is that you probably already own a beloved high neck, or turtleneck sweater. So really, this is your chance to dig an old favourite out, and reintroduce it to the spotlight. 

Fall outfit with turtleneck sweater

Focus On: Wide-Legged Jeans 

In part fuelled by nostalgia, and in part by the rise of comfort-chic. As more people work from home, the skinny jeans obsession is making way for more relaxed silhouettes. This 1970s throwback is arguably the most extreme example of that. But, that also makes it a fun addition to your wardrobe. Because it’s a throwback, that also means that you can shop for some great vintage looks. 

1980s; Preppy Is Back 

I suspect that this has something to do with the way campus life has been disrupted this year. But collegiate fashion is having its moment this year. In particular, the larger than life 1980s preppy fashions are back. You know how I said that the 70s aren’t dramatic this year? Well, the almost stereotypical preppy look of the 1980s is fulfilling that quotient. 

This also signifies good news for millennials hopping to channel Blair Waldorf this year. 

Focus On: Sweater Vests 

Arguably nothing represents the return to quintessential prep quite like the resurgence of sweater vests. By late August, the humble sweater vest was already having its moment in Copenhagen. But with the advent of Fall, it’s sure to make a mark everywhere. In particular, classic patterns such as argyle are in vogue. 

1990s; Fine Tuning 

The 90s have been having a comeback for a few years now. All of this is not positive, mind you. For example, why are contrite movie formulas having a resurgence? Wasn’t once bad enough? 

But, the fashion of the 1990s is in fact a welcome surprise. The decade was characterised by minimalism, which is a great addition to the Fall 2020 fashion trends. Alongside the 80s, 1990s prep is also making its way back. This is a more relaxed take on collegiate style. Because of which I’d argue that it is more wearable. 

Focus On: Ribbed Sweaters 

To be honest, I don’t know why ribbing ever stopped being a thing. It’s such a tiny detail, that really helps you stand out. Again, since this is a throwback trend, chances are you already own something that qualifies. If not, then you should consider investing in a well tailored sweater. Because this one is so subtle, it’s also something that you can wear for many years to come. 

Fall outfit with ribbed sweater

The Devilish Details 

Okay, they’re not really devilish at all. But, there were a ton of tiny takeaways on the Fall 2020 runways. Minutiae that has the potential to transform entire outfits. 

Capes And Ponchos 

Whether you opt to purchase a piece, or dig out an old favourite, this silhouette is here to stay. Equal parts practical, and theatrical, even the simplest piece can make all the difference. 

Chunky Soles 

Popularised earlier this year by the Bottega Veneta boots, this one is also working into other shoe styles. Of all the Fall 2020 fashion trends, this one is also arguably born out of practicality. As we go into Fall and then Winter, and depending on where you are, sturdy soles are essentially a requirement. 

Fall outfit with chunky sole loafers


This one is perhaps on the opposite end of the practicality spectrum. Attached to boots, bags or as accessories, chunky chains are making a statement for Fall 2020. You can decide if you want to indulge in a piece, or up-cycle an old bracelet. Just make sure that it is chunky; the point is to grab attention. 


Sometimes, only true bling will do. And while wearability and minimalism are making a comeback; so is drama. If you believe that more is more, this might be the year to rock a metallic finish. 

Fall 2020 Fashion Trends: In Living Colour 

Diversity continues to be the overarching theme for the Fall 2020 colour palette. Colours seen as Fall staples are getting a makeover. Simultaneously, some 2020 favourites are still here to play. 

Blue Bell 

Classic blue was singled out as Pantone’s colour of the year. And while a plethora of blue made its way down the Fall runways, this one is my favourite. It is arguably, one of the prettiest shades of blue around. And although blue can be almost cold, this one projects a fairytale whimsicality that makes it anything but. 

Rose Tan 

You know I like pink; all shades of pink. What I particularly love about this shade, is that it is pretty but also sophisticated. Perfect for anyone who wants to add a more grown-up shade of pink to their wardrobe. 

Mandarin Red 

Much like blue, red also had a strong start to the year. This citrus bright take on the trend is a great way to brighten up a Fall wardrobe. 

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Olive Green 

Somber and serene, this is a great colour for coats or accessories alike. It’s also a really versatile shade of green. Hence, it can work as a great canvas for some of the other colours for Fall 2020. 

Browns and Tans 

Cue the Miranda Priestly pout; “Browns? For Fall? Groundbreaking.” 

And no, you wouldn’t be wrong to turn your nose up in the air. Except, this time around, browns and tans are getting a facelift. How, you ask? Well, picture it; buttery finishes, evergreen basics and a chocolate factory (no, really). 

Good Enough To Eat 

Fall 2020 fashion trends had the usual plethora of browns to choose from. But also gracing the runway were shades that you wanted to take a bite out of. Sometimes, quite literally. 

Chocolate Brown 

There is absolutely nothing wrong with your basic brown. But, if you are in the market for something new, then opt for this decadent tone. Rich, luxuriant and slightly unexpected, it will update your wardrobe in minutes. 


Caramel inspired takes on classic cognac also made their presence felt this year. And much like Fall 2020’s choice of brown, this one is an instant update. 

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Looks To Look Out For 

There are days when a simple, individual piece will do. And other days, when only a head-to-toe head-turning look will suffice. Luckily, we seem to have options for both. 

Shades of Grey 

Head to toe grey looks can seem daunting. But paired with feminine silhouettes and classic tailoring, they are all the rage for Fall 2020. 

Blackest Black 

Arguably, an all black outfit isn’t a trend; it’s a mood. Whether you opt for separates, or a great single piece, this one is the eternal failsafe. 

Leather Everywhere 

We all have a great leather separate. But the Fall 2020 fashion trends are not satisfied with separates. No, instead, they want to go above and beyond. Indulging in all things leather, from head to toe. 

To Trend Or Not To Trend…

I enjoy going over seasonal trends. I think it helps to plan out my wardrobe, if I know what is in vogue. With that said, I’d like to encourage you to be as flexible as you like with trends. You don’t have to follow all of them. Honestly, you don’t have to follow any of them. 

Fall season outfit

Luckily, much of Fall 2020 seems to be indulging in nostalgia. What this means is that many of us possibly already own something that could tick a trend box. If not, you could also think of purchasing something new. In which case, I’d encourage you to pick out something that you can see yourself wearing for a long time. As I mentioned in the beginning of this article; there is absolutely no reason for you to invest in throwaway fashion. Pick your favourites, and fall in love with them. Or, dig out a forgotten friend, and fall back into a romance. 

The clothes don’t wear you; you wear the clothes. So, you’ll be fine, and looking fine, either way. 

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