Keto Dalgona Coffee Recipe: The Essential Pumpkin Spice Coffee Recipe for Fall 2020


The leaves are turning, the sweaters are extra cozy, and the time for a delectable pumpkin spice coffee recipe is nigh! And lest my low-carb brethren lament the lack of sugar free beverages; I’ve got you covered. I’ve indulged in Keto dalgona coffee recipes in the past. They’ve been a hit or a miss with me. But, as with everything else in life, a little spice goes a long way. 

Case in point, this pumpkin spice Keto dalgoa coffee recipe. Yes, internet virality is hardly a stamp of approval as far as recipes are concerned. But honestly, I can see why this take on the TikTok favourite is popular. 

Please note, the fat content in this recipe is low. But since it is a low carb option, you can pair it with a high fat breakfast to start the day.

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A Keto Dalgona Coffee Recipe…Without A Mixer! 

Now, arguably, the inclusion of a mixer would have made this recipe easier than it is. But, while I have an electric mixture, I didn’t want to add to the ensuing pile of dishes. Especially, because as you can see from the video, you don’t need the mixer. 

Does it make this marginally more difficult to whip up? Definitely. But, it can be done. Plus, putting in the effort can also double as a workout.

pumpkin spice coffee Keto dalgona coffee recipe

A Series Of Imperfect Pumpkin Spice Coffee Recipes 

Arguably, adding pumpkin spice to everything as soon as Fall rolls around, is a bit of a cliche. And an annoying one at that. But, I promise you that the addition of spices really does elevate this humble Keto dalgona coffee recipe. This little cup of joy is the perfect low-carb start to the day! Warm and warming, it is brimming with the Fall vibes that we all crave when it’s cold outside. 


Hand Whisk  
Patience (Lots Of It) 


  1. Mix the coffee, sweetener and spices together in a bowl. 
  2. Gradually add in the warm water, whisking constantly to form a thick paste. 
  3. Microwave the milk for one minute, until hot. 
  4. Spread the coffee mixture on top of the milk, and serve immediately. 

Serves 1. Calories per serving: 65. Net carbs: 5 grams. Fat 2 grams. Protein: 4 grams.

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